Call for presentations: 25th Canadian conference for global health

Call for Presentations: 25th Canadian Conference for Global Health

The 2019 Canadian Conference for Global Health (October 17-19, 2019 in Ottawa) warmly welcomes researchers, policy makers, practitioners, students and stakeholders from all sectors for meaningful, evidence-based, and informed knowledge exchange to move forward collectively.

Members of the global health community will learn from each other through lessons, policies, and practices that reflect how the health of populations have been influenced by good governance and/or strengthened accountability, and how such findings impact all people and seek to leave no one behind.

The 25th Canadian Conference on Global Health (CCGH) will examine the theme of governance for global health, acknowledging the importance of accountability and the influence of power and politics on health. Investments and public policies that seek to improve health, and the determinants of health, benefit all and help societies thrive.

There are four (4) cross-cutting themes providing bridges and links between and across all sub-themes. These are: 1) Gender, 2) Equity, 3) Evidence, and 4) Sustainability.

Submissions for Abstracts

People are welcome to submit abstracts online for oral or poster presentations, workshops and symposia, and for videos. Submissions may address any global health topic, but must relate to the conference theme and one of the sub-themes. Deadline is June 16th!

To submit an abstract and learn more about the conference, visit this page.

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