Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research

Company Detail


Established in 2003, the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR) is a knowledge network committed to promoting equity in health worldwide. The CCGHR is a member-based, not-for-profit organization comprised of global health students, researchers and practitioners that are affiliated with institutions across Canada and in the Global South.

Focus Areas

Global health research (GHR) in the areas of:

  • Health Equity
  • Capacity building
  • Policy
  • Advocacy
  • Partnership building
  • Mentorship
  • Climate Change

CCGHR Projects

Students and Young Professionals Network (SYPN)

The SYPN aims to help individuals interested in global health research to expand their knowledge and experiences. The SYPN provides professional development, networking, and learning opportunities through an engaging network of like-minded students and young professionals.

Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa

The CCGHR has been a Northern Partner in the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) for a number of years. CCGHR members can join a pool of potential facilitators for those seminars (2-4 Canadian faculty recruited/year), generally for one-week periods in February, August or November (in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria or South Africa). Calls are shared regularly via our member-only newsletter. In addition, members can provide very valuable assistance by agreeing to become peer reviewers (6-8 Canadian faculty recruited/year) and engaging with fellows as they build their literature reviews and write their proposals. Such opportunities at a distance involve a smaller time commitment but are crucial in developing solid skills and potential mentorship relationships for future engagement.

Engaging in high-level policy dialogues to shape an evidence-based Canadian strategy

The CCGHR recently provided guidance to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and International Development Research Centre (IDRC) by planning a series of consultations on the future of global health. These consultations were held across Canada between March and May 2018. In addition to recommending experts from their network and representing the Coalition at all sessions, the Secretariat was invited to submit a report compiling input from member-led regional consultations to gather the perspectives of the wider GHR community. The CCGHR will be pro-active in monitoring next steps and keeping our members informed.

Climate change webinar series

The CCGHR has launched a webinar series to highlight our members’ expertise and raise awareness on critical issues in global health, with a special focus on the impacts of climate change.

Work Perks

  • Knowledge expansion
  • Remote work options
  • Flexible schedule
  • Networking opportunities through peer-to-peer exchange with Canadian and international global health researchers

Meet Some Team Members

Madeleine Bélanger Dumontier

Madeleine is the CCGHR’s Program Manager. She has 10 years of combined international work experience in project management and communications for various non-profits, as well as in-depth knowledge of policy-oriented global health research. She has previously worked for organizations including the Equitas International Centre for Human Rights Education, the Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL) and Queen’s University. Madeleine holds an Honours Master’s degree in Political Science from Université de Montréal and studied journalism at Concordia University. With the CCGHR, Madeleine most enjoys working independently in a virtual work environmental, doing lots with little resources, and collaborating with highly motivated and inspiring volunteers from across the country and abroad.

Emily Kocsis

Emily is the CCGHR’s Students and Young Professionals Network (SYPN) Coordinator. Before this, Emily has supported several international projects related to food security and nutrition and has held a variety of positions, including being a Co-Director of the Canadian Society for International Health’s mentorship program. Emily earned her MSc in Global Health from McMaster University, and her BSc in Biology from Western University. Emily became a member of the CCGHR before the SYPN was officially established! After recognizing the important role that such a network would play in supporting the unique needs SYPs in global health, Emily has grown the SYPN over the years. Emily loves working with the Coalition as it offers her the opportunity to help shape a community of like-minded people. She is particularly motivated by the boundless energy and enthusiasm SYPs have for global health, and thoroughly enjoys building programs and resources that support SYPs in pursuing their global health goals.

Top Values

  • Democratic and accountable knowledge generation & application
  • Equity
  • Research
  • Inclusiveness
  • Learning
  • Leadership for change

How to get involved with the CCGHR

How often does the CCGHR hire people?

The CCGHR is mostly a volunteer-run organization. Currently, there is 1 employee, with consultants being hired when specific needs arise.

And volunteers?

The CCGHR works with many volunteers to execute their tasks.

Individuals have opportunities to volunteer on the CCGHR’s Board, or with the Students and Young Professionals Network (SYPN). Board members serve 2-year terms, with a possibility of renewal for a second term, and SYPN Executive members serve 2-year terms.

The CCGHR reviews their volunteer committee and working group composition annually, which generally happens in the fall of each year.

Internship opportunities?

Currently, the CCGHR does not have the capacity to support interns.

Top Things the CCGHR Looks For:

In candidates, the CCGHR has 3 top criteria:

  • Leadership
  • Autonomous and self-motivated
  • Strong interpersonal skills

Advice for Candidates

Individuals interested in becoming involved in the CCGHR are recommended to look for volunteer opportunities. Follow the CCGHR’s social media pages, website or newsletters to keep track of annual openings with their Board, Committees and Students & Young Professionals Network (SYPN). This generally happens in the fall every one or two years.

University students are also encouraged to get involved in their CCGHR Student Chapter. If a Chapter has not yet been established at your university, the CCGHR encourages you to set up one with the support of our SYPN Executive. Please email and submit your Student Chapter application form.