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HealthBridge Foundation of Canada

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HealthBridge works with partners worldwide to improve health and health equity through research, policy and action.

HealthBridge is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization that has been working since 1982 in Asia, Africa and the Americas. It aims to improve the health of vulnerable populations, including those at risk of malnutrition, infectious disease and emerging epidemics, such as obesity and non-communicable diseases (NCDs), by bridging the gap between needs and technologies, evidence and policies, and policies and practice.

HealthBridge works with local partners to identify priority issues, develop and implement appropriate solutions, apply innovative and sustainable practices, and promote effective policies.

It promotes integration and cross-pollination of programs by addressing the Sustainable Development Goals holistically. For example, HealthBridge weaves a nutrition focus into agriculture interventions and strengthening of health systems. Gender equality is fundamental to health equity and is an underlying principle for all programs.

HealthBridge is located in Ottawa, Canada and has a program office in Vietnam and staff presence in Bangladesh and India.

Focus Areas

  • Gender equality
  • Reproductive, maternal, newborn & child health
  • Tobacco control & NCD prevention
  • Livable cities
  • Nutrition & food security

HealthBridge Projects

Improving Maternal & Child Health in Nepal & Vietnam

HealthBridge is working with local partners and governments in Banke District, Nepal and Son La Province, Vietnam to reduce preventable maternal and child illness and death and improve nutrition for vulnerable mothers and children.

The 1,000 days between conception and a child’s second birthday are critical for physical and intellectual development, and lifelong health. Nepal and Vietnam have developed national commitments and strategies to address health and nutrition during this critical period. Yet, health inequities persist and many women and children face significant challenges to survive and thrive.

The challenge is greatest in the rural areas of Nepal and Vietnam, particularly in ethnic minority communities. Limited access to and use of health services in Banke District, Nepal and Son La Province, Vietnam contribute to higher rates of infant and maternal mortality—in some cases, rates that are double the national averages.

Women and children need improved access to quality health services and adequate nutrition in these regions. Together HealthBridge are strengthening existing health systems and improving nutrition by:

  • Training community health workers to link mothers and newborns with essential pre-natal and post-natal care;
  • Improving health facilities by providing essential equipment, supplies, and infrastructure;
  • Engaging men and family members  to overcome gender barriers and increase their support for the health of women and children;
  • Building the capacity of local partners to deliver quality health and nutrition services through training and mentoring;
  • Increasing knowledge amongst women and men of good nutrition and feeding practices for pregnant women and children under two;
  • Improving access to micronutrient-rich foods and supplements for pregnant women and children under two;
  • Equipping community health workers and outreach clinics to provide vaccinations, health counselling, growth monitoring and nutrition counselling to caregivers of undernourished children.

This project is running from 2016-2020. Expected results include: 1) reducing illness and death and improved nutrition among vulnerable women and children; 2) improving the use of essential health services by women and children from pregnancy to age two (ante-natal care, skilled birth attendance, post-natal care, newborn care, DTP3 immunization, oral rehydration salts for diarrhea, care-seeking for pneumonia); and 3) increasing consumption of nutritious foods and supplements for women and children from pregnancy to age two (exclusive and early initiation of breastfeeding, appropriate infant and young child feeding practices, iron-folic acid supplementation during pregnancy and Vitamin A supplementation).

Work Perks

  • Flexibility with place of work and work hours
  • Travel opportunities
  • Professional development
  • Benefits

Meet Some Team Members

Rebecca Brodmann

Rebecca has recently joined HealthBridge as a Project Manager. She has a Health Sciences degree from the University of Ottawa and completed her MPH at Queen’s University. Rebecca has worked on diverse population health projects. Her previous experience includes work in chronic disease prevention, as well as supporting research and advocacy projects both in Canada and abroad.

Trevor Hache

Trevor is the Vice President of the Healthy Transportation Coalition, based in Ottawa, Canada. The Healthy Transportation Coalition works to make the city better for pedestrians, cyclists and public transit riders, with a particular focus on transportation equity. The Coalition’s charitable projects are housed at HealthBridge Foundation of Canada. Trevor began working with HealthBridge as a consultant in 2014, and became an employee in November 2017. He previously worked as the Policy Coordinator at Ecology Ottawa and as the Outreach & Information Coordinator for the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association. Trevor is an award-winning journalist and graduated from Humber College in 2000 with a journalism diploma.

Alyssa Blais

Alyssa joined HealthBridge in July 2018 as the Partnerships and Fundraising Director. Her role includes communicating the impact of HealthBridge’s projects and programs to the public and stakeholders; strengthening key relationships; and mobilizing resources to increase the Foundation’s impact. Prior to joining HealthBridge, Alyssa worked in the field of fundraising and resource mobilization with several organizations, including the Philippine Red Cross, Cornwall’s Canadian Federation of University Women, and Agapè, Cornwall’s largest hunger relief organization. From 2004-08, Alyssa owned an organic farm in Williamstown, Ontario and was the recipient of the “2006 Entrepreneur of the Year” award for her business “From the Root” heritage farm. Alyssa has a Graduate Diploma in Institutional Administration and a Bachelor of Arts, in psychology from Concordia University. She is currently working on her Certified Fund Raising Executive designation.

Top Values

  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Service

How to get involved with HealthBridge

How often does HealthBridge hire people?

Generally hires throughout the year as needed.

And volunteers?


Internship opportunities?

HealthBridge offers internships and co-op placements. You can read more about either of these programs by visiting this link.

Top Things HealthBridge Looks For

HealthBridge looks for these qualities in their team members:

  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Technical knowledge and skills

Advice for Candidates

Being flexible and having an openness to new experiences is important. The ability to adapt to new situations is also a great strength to have. The environments in which we work are not for the faint of heart. Adaptability and attention to detail is important.