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Islamic Relief Canada works with communities to strengthen their resilience to calamities, and provides vital emergency aid when disasters occur. We help the impoverished access basic services, including education, water and sanitation, as well as healthcare. We provide lasting routes out of poverty through our sustainable development schemes. Our integrated approach to progress is transforming communities worldwide.

We tackle the root causes of poverty and make sure that the world’s most vulnerable people have real influence in both our programs and advocacy.

Focus Areas

  • Emergency response
  • Food security & nutrition
  • International development
  • Safe water
  • Poverty reduction
  • Children’s health

Islamic Relief Canada Projects

Food Projects

Islamic Relief implements efficient and innovative solutions to feed families, alleviate poverty and increase food sustainability. Children are often hit hardest by food shortages, so we start with emergency and school nutrition programs as well as maternal awareness. This prevents countless health problems in the future and saves lives.

We work to help communities become self-sufficient through food projects like drought resistant farming and family livestock businesses. This means families can provide for themselves, increase food security and create a positive ripple effect in their society.

Development Projects

We provide aid in various areas – from health to education – with the goal of strengthening development in communities around the world.

Preventing illness can be as simple as soap and clean water or a mosquito net to protect children from malaria. These items don’t seem luxurious but the impact they have is enormous. We also take an upstream, holistic approach in our development projects. Where health facilities are lacking, Islamic Relief Canada supports hospitals and clinics with medicine and equipment to reduce illness and save lives. Beyond crisis response, our teams stay to implement long-term development projects, such as rebuilding destroyed clean water and sanitation facilities, or constructing new facilities for populations lacking them.

Where illness and deficiencies are widespread, we implement treatment programs, train communities on diet and health practices, and provide school meals to fight child malnutrition. We run maternal health programs, vaccinating children and providing check-ups for both mother and baby, to ensure they are safe and healthy.

Emergency Relief

We work in several countries facing conflict and humanitarian crises so that people in need can receive urgent aid. Currently, we are providing emergency services in Myanmar, Syria, Palestine and Yemen.

Water & Sanitation

When we build a water system, we want to ensure that after we leave, the locals never need to ask for help accessing water again.

That’s why we take a carefully tailored approach in each area. In some areas there is no groundwater, so digging a water well won’t work – we build a system which catches rainwater instead. In countries which have wet, rainy seasons followed by long, dry periods, we construct micro-dams and reservoirs to store the water safely for use all year round. And to save women and children the difficult physical task of pumping water by hand, we harness natural energy with solar powered wells.

It isn’t just about building systems – it’s about building people too. We train local people to take care of their new systems, as well as teaching them how to use water safely to improve health and hygiene, so that when we leave, they have truly been given water for life.

Work Perks

  • Health Benefits
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Professional Development
  • Flexibility with working from home
  • Fitness Rebate
  • Online Courses for continuing education

Meet Some Team Members

Yusra Rizwan, CHRP, HR Manager

Yusra Rizwan is the head of the HR team at Islamic Relief Canada. She has a Masters in human resources and industrial relations from the University of Toronto. She started off as a volunteer with Islamic Relief Canada and has been working with the orgazniation full time for 4 years. She manages all aspects of HR at IRC including, recruitment and selection, organizational culture, training and development and health and safety.

She loves the drive and passion the staff at IRC have for the cause and how collaborative the work environment is.

Top Values

  • Excellence
  • Sincerity
  • Social justice
  • Mercy
  • Custodianship

How to get involved with Islamic Relief Canada

How often does Islamic Relief Canada hire people?

When the need arises, usually hiring throughout the year.

And volunteers?

Islamic Relief recruits volunteers on a regular basis. Volunteers have opportunities to:

  • Volunteer abroad through the INSPIRE program. Volunteers work to address the needs identified by the local Islamic Relief office
  • Partake in regional fundraising teams
  • Undertake challenges where you can travel to different corners of the world to visit those in need with the goal of providing aid
  • Host a local event, such as a BBQ, and turn it into a fundraiser for Islamic Relief Canada
  • Apply their skills in areas like event planning or social media. To get involved, contact!

Internship opportunities?

We offer internship opportunities in the summer through government subsidized summer job programs.

Hiring Restrictions?

Candidates must be eligible to work in Canada.

Top Things Islamic Relief Canada Looks For in Candidates

  • Passion/Hunger for the cause
  • Strong Emotional Intelligence
  • Strong accountability
  • Adaptability, able to adapt to changing circumstances

Advice for Candidates

We don’t always have paid opportunities unfortunately, but volunteering is always an option and a way for you to get involved. If you are looking to gain valuable exposure in this field, we welcome volunteers who are able to commit their time to come work with us and our teams. You can get involved in the operations through skills based volunteering and it can be a great learning opportunity as well!