Ontario Council for International Cooperation

Ontario Council for International Cooperation

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The Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC) is an expanding community of Ontario-based international development and global education and individual associate members working globally for social justice.

OCIC is located in Toronto, Canada.

Focus Areas

  • Capacity building
  • Multi-sectoral dialogue
  • Influence and inspire

OCIC Projects

Global Changemaker Youth Ambassador Program

OCIC’s Global Changemaker Youth Ambassador Awards were celebrated during International Development Week 2018. Each year, OCIC honours outstanding youth who have demonstrated active engagement with communities and civil society organizations for the promotion of international cooperation and social justice. OCIC member organizations, networks and institutions nominate Youth Ambassadors to participate in this peer network and capacity building program. Youth Ambassadors will be given the tools to promote their work, share their stories, and develop relationships with other like-minded and passionate youth. This is also an opportunity for OCIC members to increase their organizational profile and gain resources for communicating about their successes. Read more


Funded by Global Affairs Canada, “Transformations: Stories of Partnership, Resilience and Positive Change” is an award-winning collaborative photojournalism project intended to increase dialogue and further understanding of international partnerships that address complex global challenges. Through individual and organizational stories we invite you to actively engage in a new narrative on international cooperation and solidarity. The Initiative is undertaken as a means of documenting and helping to share OCIC organizational members’ stories of partnership, resilience and positive change with the Canadian public. OCIC launches an annual exhibit during International Development Week and continue to distribute and promote the exhibit across Ontario throughout the year. Read more

iAM eMagazine

iAM is a multimedia e-magazine published by OCIC that promotes an increased awareness and understanding of global issues. iAM encourages critical thinking and presents new perspectives from a variety of actors through visual art, music, written articles, photo essays, videos and more. iAM examines how theory and action intersect, looks at how to put reflection into practice, and unites marginalized voices from around the world in the name of global social justice, human dignity and participation for all. Read more

Money Talks

Money Talks is OCIC’s take on innovative solutions for common funding challenges faced by international cooperation organizations. Money Talks features contributions from Ken Wyman, Certified Fundraising Executive and Professor of Fundraising at Humber College, as well as other influencers in the fundraising field. The program includes three issues, “What’s the Money for, Building Your Case for Support, and Don’t Take Grants for Granted”, to help nonprofit sectors find grantors and learn how to connect effectively with governments, foundations, corporations, and other less well-known grantors. Read more

Development Drinks

Development Drinks is a bi-monthly networking event for development professionals run by OCIC volunteers in Ottawa and Toronto. Held the second week of each month – on Wednesday in Ottawa, and Thursday in Toronto – it provides a space to connect with others who are passionate about working, volunteering and learning about the sector. Read more

Work Perks

  • Diversity in hiring
  • Abundant networking opportunities
  • Professional development opportunities and allowance
  • Access to workshops, panels, and events
  • Flexibility with working from home
  • Opportunities for traveling
  • RRSP benefit
  • Health benefit

Meet Some Team Members

Elisa Chang, Communications Coordinator

Elisa holds a BA in International Development Studies from University of Toronto Scarborough. Besides website maintenance, eNewsletter composition, and social media account management, Elisa is also responsible for the development and implementation of OCIC’s communications strategies and policies. At OCIC, she enjoys working with the small and supportive team that values work-life balance and encourages her to pursue personal and professional development.

Top Values

  • Global social justice
  • Human dignity
  • Participation for all

How to get involved with OCIC

How often does OCIC hire people?

OCIC hires periodically based on program needs. Its regular staff positions are Executive Director, Administrative and Membership Manager, Public Engagement Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, and Bookkeeper. While OCIC as an organization has limited hiring positions, it is a council with over 90 organizational members. Through the OCIC network, it connects individuals interested in international development, humanitarian, and public engagement to opportunities across the sector in Ontario.

And volunteers?

OCIC offers volunteers opportunities periodically on an as-needed basis. A few examples of possible volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Assisting the planning and implementation of OCIC activities, including event schedule and workshop coordination, event setup, logistical support for the travel and accommodation of OCIC members, stakeholders, and partners, and other event elements
  • Researching relevant topics in the development of OCIC’s public engagement activities (ie. speakers for events, sponsorship opportunities, sourcing, media contacts, etc.).
  • Assisting an OCIC member or stakeholder with accessing websites and resources online, related to international cooperation, including OCIC’s public engagement programs
  • Assisting with communication technologies and social media to promote, deliver, and document OCIC events and webinars  
  • Supporting an OCIC member or stakeholder with the collection of information, tools, and accessibility accommodations to assist differently-abled persons in accessing information and participating in OCIC activities and events
  • Ensuring gender equality and anti-oppression themes and results are integrated into activities as outlined in our funding agreements and organizational policies
  • Accompanying an OCIC member or stakeholder to Development Drinks, OCIC’s Annual General Meeting, capacity-building workshops, panel discussions, or other OCIC events
  • Helping to document and report on good practices and lessons learned from each OCIC activity and support the preparation of qualitative, quantitative and financial reporting items as necessary

Internship opportunities?

OCIC offers internship opportunities for special projects periodically on an as-needed basis. We have also partnered with post-secondary institutions to hire students in for-credit/co-op capacity. A few examples of possible internship responsibilities include:

  • Providing administrative support for OCIC’s events, in accordance with ethical operational practices and policies
  • Supporting all aspects of event logistics including event registration, marketing, on-site volunteers and post-event reporting
  • Supporting volunteer recruitment and management (including volunteer orientations) for major OCIC events and other activities
  • Develop donor and sponsor outreach plan
  • Supporting the management of budgets
  • Assisting with communications with registrants on problems and inquiries
  • Supporting the creation and design of event materials and signage

Data entry and daily administrative functions

Top Things OCIC Looks For in Candidates

OCIC looks for people with:

  • Interest, academic qualification, and experience in international cooperation and development; strong understanding of social justice issues and anti-oppression frameworks
  • Capacity to work in close-knit team but also able to work independently
  • Attitude to learn

Advice for Candidates

It’s essential to do some research on the organization and position you are applying to. We appreciate when applicants could be themselves and tell their own story that translate to the organization and the role.