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CUGH Webinar | The One Health Opportunity- a Powerful Mechanism to Improve Global Health Outcomes

February 18 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

One Health integrates a broad range of biomedical and non-biomedical disciplines to improve the health of people, animals and our environment. It reflects the indivisibility between ourselves and the natural world. It is also an opportunity to improve health outcomes and address the social determinants of health. This webinar brings together three leaders in this field who will share important insights into the power of this platform and what we can all do to impact the challenges affecting us and our natural world. Dr. Sharon Deem DVM, Director of the Institute of Conservation Medicine at the St. Louis Zoo, will outline some of the biggest threats in one health, the impact of the massive biodiversity losses we are currently seeing on human health and the opportunity that mainstreaming conservation into development initiatives can have on a wide range of global challenges Catherine Machalaba MPH, Research Scientist at the EcoHealth Alliance, will discuss the importance of the global health security agenda, its impact on preventing detecting and responding to potential pandemics and a number of environmental threats that receive little attention in global health. Dr. Cheryl Stroud DVM, Executive Director of the One Health Commission, will share what we can do to address the global threats outlined by the previous speakers. She will share current advocacy efforts and what we can do at all levels of government and with the public to inform, inspire and mobilize people to take action.