First 90 days at a new job: How to create a good impression

New job? How to create a great impression in the first 90 days

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About to enter a new job / workplace? As the semester comes to a close and the summer draws near, many of us are looking towards summer internships, fellowships, or graduating into new Global Health jobs.

These roles come after countless hours of work on applications, interviews, and networking.

So once you get there, it’s important to create a good first impression! Here are a few tips to help ensure your first 90 days are great!

1. Be Curious

It’s easy to feel as though you’re behind on the new job right as you begin. There’s so much to learn!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. It demonstrates a desire to actually understand the work that is being done, and to contribute in a meaningful way.

Whenever possible, ask fellow new recruits or their colleagues what they’re working on to see how your work fits within the bigger picture of the organization. Keeping this mentality of curiosity well beyond the first 90 days will serve you well!

2. Be Prepared

This one should almost go without saying, but just in case: Be prepared.

It may seem like nothing, but always being the person without a pen or notepad in meetings can catch people’s attention.

Much like you do with school, anticipate what you’ll need for the next day, and set yourself up for success before leaving the office for the night. Maintain an organized schedule (with alerts!), and make sure to schedule in time for lunches and walks.

3. Be Real

You want to put your best foot forward in a new role, but be careful not to overdo it.

If your office doesn’t have a jacket & tie culture, don’t spend your first week in a jacket & tie. Your boss and colleagues know you’re human, so there’s no need to dress full formal or arrive ridiculously early if that’s not who you are, especially if you don’t plan on maintaining that for your entire contract.

4. Be Social

Most offices will have a committee or group that organizes social events or lunches for the rest of the staff – join! Part of a successful and effective team is building strong relationships with your colleagues. Plus, there’s always snacks.

A new job can be daunting, but also energizing and fulfilling. Follow these tips and most importantly, try to keep a clear focus on what brought you to this job, and what you’d like to achieve during your time there!

About the Author:

Gautham Krishnaraj is a passionate humanitarian ethics scholar and Global Health professional. He has worked in Early Childhood Development throughout East Africa, and consulted for the International Medical Corps West African Ebola response in 2014. Most notably, he has spoken at the United Nations Commission for Social Development, Johns Hopkins Centre for Humanitarian Health, and TEDxVictoria. He currently serves as a Youth Advisor to the Canadian Red Cross.

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