About ThriveHire


ThriveHire’s mission is to build up the global health workforce by profiling organizations and helping connect them to top talent so they can solve the world’s greatest health challenges.


The world is changing faster than we think.

Antibiotic resistance is threatening proven health treatments. The next outbreak of disease is increasingly discussed in policy circles. And access to health care for refugees and First Nations groups is a central topic of many global political discussions.

Without question, we need strong health systems to address emerging global health threats. Yet without a strong workforce, this simply won’t be possible.

If we continue to overlook this problem, we’re going to halt discoveries that can improve the health of our communities. In fact, as the World Health Organization predicts, we’re currently on track to an 18 million health worker deficit by year 2030.

Simply put, the global health industry needs some renewal.

That’s where ThriveHire comes in.

Our Work

ThriveHire is a one-stop-shop for getting connected to global health opportunities. Want to save time getting connected to global health job or volunteer positions? Hoping to learn more about the work that global health organizations are involved in? Or want to find global health networking events?

ThriveHire’s your place.

Through our platform, we’re making the global health system more efficient. We are a hub that’s enabling qualified health professionals to connect more easily with relevant organizations and opportunities so they can continue creating important impacts in our communities.

Our Story

Our Founder & CEO, Hayley Mundeva, worked for 4 years on global health research projects based in Tanzania, Malawi and Ethiopia with AMREF, the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research and St. Michael’s Hospital.

Despite starting her career in academia, Hayley was surprised to find little information on global health organizations, jobs or career paths.

This is what sparked her interest in founding ThriveHire.

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What’s Global Health?

Global health is an interdisciplinary field where people come together to solve the world’s most pressing health challenges. Learn more here.