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The Canadian Red Cross, a not for profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to helping Canadians and people in vulnerable situations around the world, is currently seeking nominations to our Board of Directors for the 2020-2023 term.  While all profiles will be considered we are particularly seeking governance expertise in Finance/ Public Accounting, Human Resources, Brand and Marketing and Government Relations.

With a commitment to Governance Excellence the Board ensures our humanitarian imperative is at the centre of every decision. The Board of Directors is accountable for realizing our mission, for the effective stewardship of financial and human resources and for the overall quality of our support to the people we serve.

In today’s complex world of increasing emergencies and disasters, aging population, protracted crises and conflicts, digitalization, rapid change and more, Directors must be comfortable governing an organization that works in complex, high risk, and unpredictable environments. In the next term, the Board will be addressing a wide variety of strategic issues and it will be important that all Directors are comfortable embracing change with agility and adaptability.

YOUR ROLEBoard Directors are responsible for acting in the best long-term interests of the organization and will bring to their deliberations a broad knowledge, a long-range view and an openness to learning.
The Board provides direction and support to the Society by:

  • Abiding by the Fundamental Principles;
  • Functioning in three modes of governance leadership; namely: Generative, Strategic and Fiduciary
  • Ensuring alignment of Board structures, processes and decision and supports that are consistent with the governance philosophy;
  • Maintaining a culture of trust within the organization that respects the roles of governance and management; and
  • Encouraging a sense of team work.


  • Directors are expected to act with honesty and integrity and be aware how their actions could impact the reputation of the Canadian Red Cross.
  • Adherence to and respect for the fundamental principles of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement is an obligation that extends beyond a Directors’ activities on the Board.  Directors must be mindful of their public comments and statements, including on social media, taking great care not to compromise the neutrality and independence of the Canadian Red Cross.
  • Directors are required to sign the Canadian Red Cross Code of Conduct and the Conflict of Interest policies each term.


  • Appreciation for the distinct roles of Governance and Management;
  • Strong strategic thinking;
  • Good listening skills and excellent teamwork skills;
  • Ability to make sound decisions based on the analysis of the information received and to maintain solidarity with the Board’s decisions;
  • Leadership in their field of expertise;
  • Willingness to leverage their network of contacts;
  • Availability for active participation in the work of the Board and Committees.


The Board has four face to face Board meetings a year (Friday night and Saturday). Meetings are generally in Ottawa but may be in other Canadian locations from time to time.  Preparation for meetings can be time consuming, generally for each hour of meeting time a Director can expect one hour of preparation time. The Board will also hold at least one Board retreat (Friday night and Saturday) per term.

In addition, each Director is asked to be on a Board Advisory Committee or on an Executive Management Advisory Committee. Committee meetings are generally held quarterly in-person or by conference calls (3-5 hours).

To the extent reasonably possible, the Canadian Red Cross Board seeks to have a broad representation reflective of the diversity of Canada including, but not limited to, being geographically Pan-Canadian, being representative of the Official Languages of Canada, being inclusive of the Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and being reflective of gender equality and social inclusion and the economic, cultural and demographic diversity of Canada.

Applicants can send their letter of interest and curriculum vitae to the attention of the Nominating Committee at:

For any questions, please contact: Josée Payant, Director of Governance and Membership support, at