Public Health Career Panel

Are you a Master or PhD student who is concerned about what opportunities are available for you after graduation? Are you interested in hearing what options there are outside of academia? Come join the PHSA, alumni, and community members on February 27th for a night of networking and a panel on job opportunities after graduation […]

Career Fair: Biomedical Zone x City of Toronto: Diversifying Healthcare

Join us on April 2nd to learn about the importance of having diversity in the health sciences sector. THE CROWD: Human Health Science companies looking to hire diverse talent AND diverse talent looking to explore career options in the human health science sector. THE FORMAT: A career fair enabling equity-seeking groups access to career opportunities, followed by […]

Looking for global health jobs? Get a strong elevator pitch!

How to Create Your Personal Elevator Pitch Want to get published on ThriveHire’s global platform? 5-minute read You’re at a networking event and see an employer you’d love to work with. Your first instinct is to introduce yourself. But then you turn to your right and notice there are around 10 other people just like […]

Navigating Careers in Global Health – Consulting and Investing in Global Health

Are you interested in learning more about the different career pathways in global health? Then, this series is for you. Come share your experiences and burning questions and interact with our speakers working in academia, government, entrepreneurship, consulting and NGO sectors. Our speakers include; Tina Assi is a Senior Program Officer with Grand Challenges Canada […]

It’s a Balancing Act: How Dr. Gisèle Yasmeen Has Built a Career by Wearing Many Different Hats

It’s a Balancing Act: How Dr. Gisèle Yasmeen Has Built a Career by Wearing Many Different Hats 4-minute read We’ve interviewed several thought leaders in Global Health – from medical trainees, to global health researchers and post-doctoral scholars. Given how interdisciplinary and transnational Global Health work is, professionals often have to wear several hats and learn how […]