Global Healthcare Innovation Academy

A global scientific and investment pitch competition for health innovation. About this Event The best innovations in health and healthcare from Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Canada – each top of the class at their local events – come together in Toronto in June 2020 to compete in a two-day event. The event will feature the […]

[Conference] The 13th Annual Meeting of the Global Microbial Identifier (GMI13)

Vancouver welcomes you to the 13th annual meeting of the Global Microbial Identifier (GMI)! The Global Microbial Identifier (GMI) envisions a global, real-time system for microbial DNA data and minimal metadata exchange and analysis for public health, food safety, agricultural/animal and environmental health surveillance, biodiversity monitoring, investigations, as well as research and innovation. The GMI13 conference will […]

Program: Advancing knowledge about spatial modeling, infectious diseases, environment, and health

Identifying disease clusters and spatial patterns of disease (from a human/animal/plant) are important to inform policymakers, programs and interventions at both local and global scales. For instance, Canadian health authorities depend on alerts provided by front-line employees or by members of the public when there is an increase in disease or illness (disease cluster). Health […]

6th McGill Summer Institute in Infectious Diseases and Global Health

McGill University and McGill University Health Centre have exceptionally strong research groups and centers working on TB, HIV, and neglected tropical diseases. These Centers have a track record of advanced courses and workshops that are offered every year, in topics such as tuberculosis research methods, TB diagnostics, and tropical and parasitic diseases. Since July 2015, […]

[Conference] Results Canada 2020 Conference | Conférence Résultats Canada 2020

About this Event From action to impact: working together to end extreme poverty From May 2-4, 2020, Results Canada will hold its National Conference in Ottawa, ON. The conference brings together volunteer advocates, civil society partners, government decision makers, parliamentarians and special guests from communities across Canada and the world to raise their voices for […]

[Exhibition] Global Health Impact Expo + Exchange

Join us for a one-of-a-kind event to advance and showcase Canada’s innovative leadership in global health and gender equality. The Global Health Impact Expo & Exchange, brought to you by the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH), is a dynamic, fast-paced, multi-faceted exposition that will showcase the work of and strengthen connections between […]

[Conference] Pegasus Conference: Migration, Climate Change, Sustainable Development

Not your typical conference… PEGASUS is an acronym built from the first letters of our main themes:  Peace, Global Health and Sustainability Appropriately, the symbolism of the Pegasus – a winged horse of Greek mythology captures the essence and spirit of the conference. Since ancient times the Pegasus has been an emblem of inspiration, imagination, and […]

[Conference] The 9th International Research Conference on Adolescents and Adults with FASD: Review, Respond and Relate – Integrating Research, Policy and Practice Around the World

Although there have been thousands of published articles on FASD, there still remains limited research specifically on adolescents and adults with FASD. As individuals diagnosed with FASD continue to age, the “need to know” across a broad spectrum of areas continues to be critically important for identifying clinically relevant research questions and directions. Continuing on […]

Meeting Social Needs in an Integrated Health System: A Role for Social Prescribing

On Wednesday, March 25, join the Alliance for Healthier Communities and James Sanderson, Director of Personalised Care at NHS England, for a keynote lecture on social prescribing. Social prescribing, an intentional and evidence-informed pathway to better connect health and social care, is increasingly recognized as the next step in improving and better integrating health systems […]

Health in a Changing Climate

Climate change has been declared a global health emergency. What can health professionals do to help build resilience within communities and reduce the impact of delivering care? “It is a moral imperative and key to our social accountability mandate that the health community continue to strengthen our voices in supporting critical policy change.” – Dr. Ritika […]